I’ve got an idea of a very artistic way to decorate a christmas tree. It is DIY. You can easily create an amazing bauble that imitates the look of Escher’s famous reflecting sphere. There are two ways to choose from.


The option number one. The easiest one. You have to find an old bauble that you are not going to use anymore (you know: it can be out of fashion or has the paint that has crumbled out). Then print out this template (it is better to use thin type of paper):



It was designed for a bauble with a half length of circumferencee that is equal to 120 mm. To determine the lenght you have to measure a distance from the North pole of the bauble to the South one. In a case the distance is roughly 120 mm all is perfectly fine. Otherwise you need to adjust the template (that is simple, you only have to scaled it a little bit). Or you can choose the second way to create the sphere (look below).


Cut out all the pieces…


Use a glue to fix the pieces on the bauble’s surface. At the end you should get the tribute to the Escher’s Sphere


The second option is to create your own sphere from a scratch. It is a little bit more complicated, but don’t worry it would provide you more fun as well.


Use some dense (but not too much) paper. Print out the second cutout template:



As you’ve already noticed: the pieces are quite the same, but feature some corners for glue. By utilizing them a whole sphere can be created, they help to connect the pieces into a solid spherical structure.


Piece by piece, section by section the sphere can be created. Be patient, there no need to hasten, all will be okay. It is easier at the beginning and a little bit tricky at the very end. The last section is always captious, but you will master it.

Don’t forget to use a yarn to put your bauble on the Christmas tree



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December 25, 2016