Save bookmark

Some people fall in love with my idea of a paper bookmark with a Save icon on it. That bookmark was part of my iconote concept. Now you can make your own Save bookmark. All you need to do is download vector based image from this post, print it out, cut out and and that’s that!

Please, choose the appropriate format to download (PDF is optimal):

Adobe PDF document
Adobe Illustrator document
Encapsulated PostScript document

Eco-friendly version (one sheet of paper, a lot of bookmarks):

Adobe PDF document


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  4. MrStrider Says:

    Perfect// i was about to do this my own tonight..

    Thanks for the pdf


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  9. jsc Says:

    wouldn’t it be more eco-friendly to fill a whole page with many “save” bookmarks? you would be able to have lots off of just one piece of paper rather than throwing away the rest of the sheet. i love the idea, but i’m just too lazy to eco-friendly-ize it myself. :)

  10. rogix Says:

    You are totally right Jsc! I had to think about that. May I’ll make some changes in PDF. The only problem is that people need n’t so many bookmarks at once.

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  12. jsc Says:

    well, i may be in the minority, but i tend to read multiple books at once, especially if/when performing research. but, just think…if some people only need one bookmark, then they can give the rest of the bookmarks to friends, and then awareness would spread about your graphic design talents! yay!

  13. Steve Says:

    i often “lost” my bookmarks in the books i have read, so i need more than one the days. the one who need only one bookmark in its live, can cut only one. nice idea, thanks!

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  21. rogix Says:

    Now there is the eco-version as option.

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  24. jsc Says:

    hooray! the system works! ;)

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