A smartphone usually is laying on your desk without any additional purpose. Once I decided that it can be turned into a classic pixel icon — the «happy computer». The only thing you need is a special stand that looks like a small computer case. The easiest way to create such case is using some paper and glue. The papercraft is the way to create such thing. It took me few days to design a blueprint and now it is ready! The idea is pretty simple: you create the stand, then put a special wallpaper at lock screen of your phone , then put your phone in the stand. Voilà! You got a real life happy computer icon, which looks especilly good at a night

To create the stand you need heavy paper (you need something about 240-260 g/m2), it is better to use the matte one. A paper glue of a good quality. A paper cut knife and a ruler. Remember that you create the stand at your own risk! It is made of paper and it is not pretty solid, your phone can fall out and can be damaged, so be careful.

There several blueprints you can choose from (All are PDFs):

You can also download the assembly instructions

Download a proper wallpaper for you Lock screen. It would be better to turn off the Perspective Zoom feature for the wallpaper (in other case the image would not have a fixed position at the screen). That can be done at wallpaper choosing menu of your iPhone.

Then simply cut out all the elements from the blueprints and assemble them. Try to keep your hands clean, otherwise some black marks can be put. After the complection of the stand give some time for the glue to set. Meantime you can use a black magic marker (or black ink) to sweep under the carpet all seams

Chocopixels Valentine’s Day card

The simpliest way to create a pixel Valentine’s Day card is to buy two chocolate bars. One must be made of dark chocolate, another one – from white. You have to breake chocolate bars into pieces to get black and white chocolate “pixels”.

Then you have to put them in a box. You may use your own box, or can download it in PDF from here (note: may be it will need little adjustments for your type of chocolate bars, feel free to make them)

Adobe PDF document: Box
Adobe PDF document: layout

This is very tasty pixel art!;)


Country icons

What if the countries were shrunk down to the size of computer icons? Then small European country Republic of Moldova could be the tine one (16×16 pixels) . Romania would be standart Windows application icon (32×32 pixels). France would be Windows XP application icon (48×48 pixels). And Australia would be the biggest one, it would be Windows Vista large application icon (256×256 pixels)